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Dr. Pawar is a great surgeon and gives sensible advice. Even for follow up sessions, he takes complete understanding of your routines and suhgests exercises, medications to keep the patient healthy and fit in the future. Thank you doctor for the support and guidance.


He gave us the best possible advice and a very difficult surgery was performed on my mother in which he had to improvise mid surgery but all in all he did the best job and my mother who cud not bear the pain is now fine and healthy. Thank you Doctor. Melhor Doctor para qualquer tratamento e cirugia de Coluna.


While spine fracture and spine surgery are events that scare people due to the significant complications that could arise, modern medical procedures have made this relatively simple on patients with immediate relief very fast recovery time at very low risk.

My mother was experiencing very excruciating back pain and after admitting to Ambani hospital was diagnosed with incomplete burst fracture and retropulsion kyphosis on one of her vertebrae bone. In simple terms it means one of her spine bone had a fracture and another one had compressed and was pushing into the spinal cord.

Dr Abhijit Pawar advised immediate spine surgery stating that this happened due to fall combined with osteoporosis. His advice was that traditional medicine could not solve it and if this were left unattended it could cause her to be bed ridden and prevent her from walking. The surgery was non invasive and would be completed in 2 hours which was ver different from 6-7 hours that people normally associated with spine surgery. The surgery went well - he made 3 small indecisions and through those added cement to the fracture and inserted a small plate to support the vertebrae that had collapsed.

Due to non invasive nature the recovery was very fast. The patient was able to stand and walk with 24 hours (compare this to the fact that she was screaming in pain while even laying on bed). Discharge from hospital happened on day 3 after the surgery. The patient is at home and recovering well and is able to walk and do most of her personal chores quite independently. This would not have been possible had we not opted to go for the surgery. People often delay or prevent an operative procedure on the spine due to fear or stories they have heard. I personally think that they should avail of the modern techniques that Dr Pawar have brought about and practice in to enable them to lead an active life style.

Avinash Nimisha Goel

Dr Pawar has operated several patients from my country with excellent results. My Aunty has a spinal tumor which Dr Pawar removed successfully.

My uncle has slip disc problem with severe leg pain. Dr Pawar treated him with endoscopic technique and was discharged in one day.

Jitendra Singh, Mumbai
Dr. ABHIJIT PAWAR is a fantastic doctor with great expertise.One of the Bestest Doctor I have met. He Ticks all the boxes that we would want in a doctor. My L4,L5 S1 Disc had been damaged, My right leg and right hand were numb with continuous tingling sensation. Doctor suggested ALIF surgery. From my visit to the hospital till my discharge Doctor has been explaining and answering all my queries in detail, very caring and understanding to my pain, discomfort.

The very next day of the surgery the pain in my back has almost disappeared.

I highly recommend Dr Abhijit Pawar for any spine problems.Happy to be back on my feet confidently and getting ready to sky dive.

Parizad Mehta

A serious medical emergency is one which sends shivers thru the spine, literally a broken one. When my wife had a bad fall and after basic investigations when we consulted Dr Abhijit Pawar, the enormity of the problem she faced dawned upon us. It is impossible for the human spirit to accept the fact that your body could be facing a catastrophic shutdown. But to fight and win such a battle, you need a messiah to work a miracle and for us it was Dr Abhijit Pawar.

From our first meeting where he put us at ease by explaining the need for and the surgical procedure to be adopted and precautions which would be taken, to the actual surgery where thru a Minimally Invasive Surgical technique and advanced Robotics assistance using the latest in Medical technology, Dr Pawar fixed an extremely complex Burst fracture L2 vertebrae with utmost professionalism and skill and in the process left us indebted forever.

My wife sat up in bed the next day, walked with assistance by evening and was 90% pain free by day 4. She is now at home and doing so many of the things she loves, while she is firmly on the path to recovery.

The amazing hospital care at Kokilaben DA hospital, contributed to our sense of being taken care of by the best in the medical profession thru its par excellence team of medical support staff (nurses, dieticians, helpers, cleaning staff and others).

Thank you Dr Abhijit Pawar for being there for us, taking our calls at such late hours, seeing us late evening on a weekend and for the surgical excellence which you executed so brilliantly πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ».

I had problem of terrible pain on right hip and leg while sitting and getting up. I could not get in to and get out from my car seat. I had to take support of stick in order to get walking. I referred this problem to many Ortho practitioners and surgeons with MRI and scans done for vertebrae, Lumber and Pelvic area. Every one said all is ok, and advised physio therapy and /or exercises. There wasn't any relief from severe pain at all. Then I referred this problem to Dr Abhijit Pawar. He did MRI in lumber area at K.D.Ambani Hospital Mumbai and immediately located problematic point at L5. Next day i was operated and as he had said the problem vanished as soon as I was down from the operation table. I never imagined such miraculous Doctor and endoscopic operative solution to end the life threatening problem I faced.

Today I am all OK and back to normal life. Thousand Thanks to Dr Abhijit And K.D.Ambani Hospital Mumbai. I would like mention here for the information of all for first few post operative days some pain and numbness was felt in the right leg but with the help of medicines it had all gone just in two weeks.

Yuvaraj Pawar
I had consulted Dr. Abhijit Pawar for my father in law. He was in lot of pain and couldn't sit or walk. Dr. Pawar suggested surgery because there was infection in lower spine and that damaged bone as well.

We were hesitant but believed him and went for surgery. Dr. Pawar did the surgery and all went so well that on third day of surgery my father in law was standing on his feet. Though he will take some time to recover from operation but we are relieved and happy that we reached to right hands of Dr. Pawar.

We thank Sir for all his help, he is a life saviour for us and we strongly recommend other to consult him. He is one of the best doctors of mumbai.

The staff at Kokilaben was very supportive and helpful during our stay at hospital.

Rajendra Yadav
He is an excellent spine surgeon. I had disc prolapse and was advised surgery at all hospitals, but Dr.Pawar assured me and prescribed me medication and told me surgery is not required at present. I am completely cured at present. Will definitely recommend. Thanks doc
Adesh Khatal
I came here for my back pain, I consulted many doctors but was not getting relieved. Dr pawar done my spine surgery with endoscopic in last month, now I am fine and cured. Very satisfied with service
Harleen Kaur
Thank you, Dr. Abhijit Pawar. We sought opinion from several doctors in all over Bombay and Pune regarding spine surgery of my dad, which is congenital in nature and the same was detected at the age of 65. The way you explained in simple words, to all of us, regarding surgery procedure and performed such a complicated surgery i.e., from C2-C-3 and occipital C-5 fusion etc. and within 2 days after surgery, my dad is walking all alone with confidence, is a big relief for all of us. This is extraordinary result. For us this is miracle, since we were scared of reading articles on Google knowledge on spine surgery for last two months. We have no words to express our feelings, you gave my dad a new life. Thanks!
Kavita Vishwakarma
I would like to share my experience about the treatment we went through Dr. Abhijit Pawar. My wife had a serious spine issue for a long time and there was a significant gap between L4 and L5 hence she was facing unbearable pain. One of my friends had advised me to meet and consult with Dr Abhijit Pawar.

From our first meeting where he put us at ease by explaining the need for the surgery and the surgical procedure to be adopted along with the precautions to be taken, to the actual surgery where through a Minimally Invasive Surgical technique and advanced Robotics assistance using the latest in Medical technology, Dr. Abhijit fixed this issue easily with utmost professionalism.

The important thing is, My wife sat up in bed the next day after surgery, walked independently by the next morning and was 80% pain free by day 3. She got discharged within 4 days. Recovery speed is considerable.

The hospital has the best medical support staff (nurses, dieticians, helpers, cleaning staff and others).

Many thanks to Dr. Abhijit Pawar for being there for us for the surgical excellence which you executed so brilliantly....

Kudos to you & your team!

George Fergose, Vasai
Consulting Dr Abhijit Pawar proved to be the best decision for my daughter due to the complication which occurred.

My daughter was diagnosed with TB in her spine and was getting treatment but suddenly one morning she tried to stand on her feet and she could not and collapsed .we panicked and rushed her to Kokilaben hospital . After initial test and MRI done we were advised to go for a surgery D10- L2 posterim stabilize and D12 decompression spine surgery which came as a shock to us within few hours of our visit.and was put up to Dr Abhijit Pawar.He was suggested as the best doctor required for this surgery.

The way he explained the surgical procedure, necessary measures with such ease calmed us down and put our worries at bay as parents.

The next day after surgery my daughter could walk with assistance and walk independently after 4 days at the time of discharge. My daughter is on the path of recovery Thanks to Dr.Pawar's expertise assistance. I highly recommend Dr Abhijit Pawar anyone looking for spine surgery.He is incredible. Its rare to get a doctor that combines personal touch and care for patients with outstanding quality of medical care.We have complete trust and faith as my daughter's health has improved drastically after the surgery.He has been a life saver fo us ,God sent to our prayers.

Thank you Sir we are truly grateful to you.πŸ™

Anita Ghadge

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